Tyre Care advice from DP Tyres in Bryn, near Wigan

At DP Tyres, we recommend that you check your tyres regularly.

If you’re not sure how to do this, have a look at our tyre care guide below which will take you through all the checks that you should be doing to ensure that your tyres are in optimum condition to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

What tyre checks can I do myself?

Check your tyre tread – you can do this with a 20p piece by inserting the coin in between the ridges of the tyre. If the rim of the coin fits neatly between the ridges then the tread on the tyre is fine but if you can see the rim of the coin above the tyre ridges, it suggests that the tread is worn and the tyre will need to be replaced.

Check tyre pressure (tyres should not be under or over-inflated) – most petrol stations have an air pressure machine on the forecourt where you can measure the pressure of your tyres. The correct tyre pressure can be found in your owner’s manual and also on the inside of the petrol cap cover. You can set the desired pressure on the machine and that way, it doesn’t allow you to over-inflate the tyres.

Check for damage – check for embedded stones or nails, and inspect the sidewalls of the tyres for cuts, bulges or cracks. Tyre damage can be repaired but it depends on where on the tyre the damage is. Get in touch with DP Tyres with any questions.

What tyre checks can DP Tyres do?

At DP Tyres we do understand that not everyone is confident carrying out the checks we mentioned above and most of you have busy lives and just don’t have the time. Your safety is our priority so we are always happy to carry out tyre checks for you; we can do all the checks above as well as checking the balance and alignment of your tyres.

Having correctly aligned and balanced tyres is essential for the longevity of your tyres, for keeping fuel consumption as low as possible and for safe handling of your vehicle. At DP Tyres we have state-of-the-art Hunter wheel alignment and wheel balancing technology which provides quick, accurate results.

When should I replace my car tyres?

Your tyres play a vital role in keeping you safe when driving and damaged or worn tyres or having the wrong tyres for your vehicle can be really detrimental to your handling of the vehicle, and can cause your vehicle to fail its MOT, and can also be illegal.

Worn tyres can reduce grip and lead to issues with stopping distances, especially when the weather is wet or icy. They can also vastly increase how much fuel your vehicle consumes. All very valid reasons to regularly check that your tyres are in optimum condition.

If you’re not sure about any of this or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01942 723366 or contact us online.

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